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Designed for cyclists, triathletes, runners or any other endurance sports (nordic skiing, enduro, trail running,..) , ENGO sport smartglasses display real-time performance data right where you need it most.  

Housed in fashionable lightweight frames, ENGO miniaturized AMOLED technology connects with your Bluetooth devices to project the most important information to you directly into your field-of-view. 

Functional and stylish, ENGO smartglasses elevate your sports experience.

Frame: Black Blue
Lenses: Onyx



How it works

How to turn on your ENGO Smart Eyewear?

How to connect your ENGO to a Garmin Smartwatch?

How to connect additional sensors to your ENGO?

How to configure different screens?

What's in the box?

How to adjust your ENGO smart eyewear?

How to set your profile and start an activity?

What athletes say...

  • Having my pace displayed at the edge of my vision – especially when racing – is an amazing experience! Now I can relax and concentrate on my effort and running form. Hello, BQ!

    Pam Pro Runner

  • I love being able to glance at just the data I want (and nothing I don’t) displayed in my glasses. It keeps me focused on what’s important without overwhelming me with information.

    Mario Pro cyclist

  • Cycling with Engo smartglasses is awesome! I’m much more precise with my threshold training. Seeing my power output helps me feather my watts and get more out of my workouts

    Jason Pro Cyclist


Data Display Options

Heart Rate

Elapsed Time





Data Display Options

After connecting with your Bluetooth devices, personalize what’s displayed on your lens by choosing among six data fields.

Smart lenses

Adapt to changing light

Engo’s photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light, providing clarity and 100% UV protection in all conditions.

Details that matter

All-day comfort

Lightweight and unobtrusive, Engo Eyewear can be worn all day long.

Perfect fit for every athlete

Flexible temples and nosepiece can be shaped for a snug and comfortable fit for all day wear.

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